Scientific Associate for Code & Context

I am excited to start a new part time job at Cologne Institute for Digital Ecosystems, University of Technology, Arts and Science Cologne. I will be concepting and performing the reLab together with Pr. Dr. Christian Faubel and students of Code & Context, as well as researching and lecturing my theory on activating environments and queer-feminist utopianism.

online art these days

Sharing some interesting virtual environments I stumbled into. Have a coffee or tea and take some time to playfully experience it: (Windows only)

Von allFM zur hxbase Leipzig in einem Congress – Leipzig, Dez/Jan 2020

Im Rahmen des 36C3 in der Leipziger Messe haben wir als Kulturschaffende, Hackis und Aktivisti einen alten Bürocontainer umgebaut und zur neuen hxbase Leipzig ernannt – ein Raum, der jenseits eines technikspezifischen Hacking-Begriffs alle Aspekte einer emanzipatorischen Praxis, dem “kreativen Umgang mit vorgefundenen Systemen”, sowie transdizsiplinären und selbstorganisierten Austausch fördern soll. Der Container wurde so gestaltet, dass er während des…

35. chaos communication congress in Leipzig, De

I will be at 35C3 in Leipzig again, 1 part of Komona: Some might remember the sentence “if you are Komona you can make it work”. What does it mean, Komona? Komona is the feeling of doing the dishes together – the mindset of being a responsible part of a bigger organism, being a part of the many, in solidarity…

34. Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig

Meet me at 34c3 gathered with 1 Komona. For this years congress, I’m seeking to activate a self organized project space for skill and knowledge sharing, to gather and live together with different people and reflect on structures how to do this. Everyone participating is invited to bring their individual focus and link their projects and fields of interest to…