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I’m proud to be one of many female speakers that you can find at, a great project to empower women to share their knowledge and simplify the search for female speakers for conferences and knowledge-sharing evens.    

34. Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig

Meet me at 34c3 gathered with 1 Komona. For this years congress, I’m seeking to activate a self organized project space for skill and knowledge sharing, to gather and live together with different people and reflect on structures how to do this. Everyone participating is invited to bring their individual focus and link their projects and fields of interest to…

Sept 2017 We are here – Vienna

I’m happy to collaborate with macuco-multiple alternative culture collective (Vienna/Austria) on the project YAPP ME means to intermediate ideas and concepts of empowerment and participation through youth work. Miko Hucko and me participated in 10 days exchange  with the Game Parlour. Thanks for great input and the collaborative development of the event blueprint WeAreHere.

Designing Hope at Node17 in Frankfurt

Between collective hopes for a better, peaceful life in the Global Village on the one hand, and feelings of disempowerment in the face of a more complex digitized environment on the other, NODE17: Designing Hope sets out to discuss the responsibility and potential of technology and design practices. Curated by festivaldirection Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Johanna Teresa Wallenborn and Alexandra Waligorski,…

KvR mit Chris_Tiane bei den internationalen Schillertagen in Mannheim

Ich war vom 12.06.2015 – 20.06.2015 als Stipendiatin zu den internationalen Schillertagen ans Nationaltheater Mannheim geladen. Es gab.. ..Spannende Diskussionen über Identität und Identifizierungsmechanismen im Seminar “Du und das Dokument” bei Chris Kondek und Christiane Kühl, sowie ein sponantes Gesellschaftsspiel mit der Multität Chris_Tiane, die gefälschte Festivalpässe an Mannheimer_Innen verteilte und die Geschlossene Gesellschaft der Schillertage erfolgreich geöffnet hat. ..Ein…