CB-Lab @ Rote Fabrik | Language, Spacial Concept, Community Manifestation | 04/22 – 03/23 | Zürich

I am glad to be part of the team concepting and manifesting a modular community studio for electroacustic composition and audiovisual research – the Clubbüro-Lab – at Rote Fabrik in Zürich, opening end of this year. The project is initiated and administrated by Isabelle von Walterskirchen, founder of the Clubbüro and advocate of a vibrant and progressive subculture around experimental and electronic music and gathering culture in Zürich.

I am enjoying to focus on the process of participation, project management and the overall transfer of this space to „the community“. Besides this I am, together with Studio C.A.R.E. from Rotterdam head of interior design and modular architecture of the studio. Last but not least I am looking forward to contribute my knowledge on activating communication and empowering language to the digital environments of self-organization and the written information like How-Tos, agreements and maintenance information around the project.

Press on the project (in german):