cooArchi | software prototype | 08/2021

From March till August I was part of developing a first prototype of cooArchi – community oriented archiving interface I am excited to have had the possibility to concept and manifest an archiving tool that aims to activate it’s user to ambiguous and multilinear documentation of collectively experienced history through a low on hierarchy use, architecture and design. My partners…


I am looking forward to participating in a digital theatre realm discussing concepts of intelligence, produced by nomad theatre at WUK performing Arts (Vienna). Pre-produced and live: 16.04.2021 20:00 CET. “A public discourse on the notion of intelligence – as re-enactment of a popular science talk-show”: The piece will be post-produced and published online at the end of the…

Scientific Associate for Code & Context

I am excited to start a new part time job at Cologne Institute for Digital Ecosystems, University of Technology, Arts and Science Cologne. I will be concepting and performing the reLab together with Pr. Dr. Christian Faubel and students of Code & Context, as well as researching and lecturing my theory on activating environments and queer-feminist utopianism.

I can see futures | fluxus.eth | NFTs 2021

I am researching and publishing in the fields of smart contracts and conceptual art, so called *cryptoart* these days. I am looking forward to creativity challenging technology. What is the performative potential of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)?

Since Nov19 I was and am concepting, researching and constructing a web environment to enable forschA to impart and practice their research in and to Authren: (using the tools: hotglue, write.freely and (to be constated/ascertained) I am defining myself as forschA as well, researching Authren. Concepting this web environment I was aiming to overcome a possible hierarchy between…