35. chaos communication congress in Leipzig, De

I will be at 35C3 in Leipzig again, 1 part of Komona: Some might remember the sentence “if you are Komona you can make it work”. What does it mean, Komona? Komona is the feeling of doing the dishes together – the mindset of being a responsible part of a bigger organism, being a part of the many, in solidarity…

Mai 2018 Re/public @ Politforum Käfigturm Bern, Switzerland

Panel (in german) “Digital Shopping Malls – is the internet a completely commercialized space?” Mai 2018 at Politforum Käfigturm in Switzerland. Markus Maurer (Digital Coach & Quality Manager Farner), Roman Kasinski (Co-Founder, Byrds & Bytes), Dieter Mersch (Professor für Ästhetik und Theorie, ZHDK), Kathia von Roth (tale:net, Hamburg) Dominique Gaschen (SnowHaze).  

Aug18 spieleberatung & virtuellestheater @ Schaubude Berlin

Looking forward to a research cooperation between Spieleberatung and virtuellestheater at Schaubude Berlin in August 2018 and a presentation of our research process at Theater der Dinge Festival in November 2018. Taking Pepe as an example, we’ll ask ourself and the holy internet how Memes as virtual objects are bearing history, emotions and perceived realities.

Metrolaut Folge 28

Als Theaterregisseurin und Künstlerin, 1 Teil von Alles Allen und in der Theorie der Spieleberatung war ich im November 2017 in der 28. Folge des Metrolaut Podcast zu Gast und habe über Spiel und “die Kunst der Verselbstständigung” gesprochen.  

34. Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig

Meet me at 34c3 gathered with 1 Komona. For this years congress, I’m seeking to activate a self organized project space for skill and knowledge sharing, to gather and live together with different people and reflect on structures how to do this. Everyone participating is invited to bring their individual focus and link their projects and fields of interest to…

Sept 2017 We are here – Vienna

I’m happy to collaborate with macuco-multiple alternative culture collective (Vienna/Austria) on the project YAPP ME means to intermediate ideas and concepts of empowerment and participation through youth work. Miko Hucko and me participated in 10 days exchange  with the Game Parlour. Thanks for great input and the collaborative development of the event blueprint WeAreHere.

tale:net – an intergalactic skill & idea sharing network

Currently I’m developing the distributed open source software tale:net. Our mixed team of artists, designers and software developers Torben Spieker, Henry Bubert, Andreas Baldeau, Sascha Wollin and me is funded by Prototype Fund. We’ll present the tale:net beta at Protoype Fund Demoday on 2018/02/28 in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin. The idea for this concept evolved…