Moeglichkeiten toeten | Video | 22/06/2022 | Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Invited by Olsen Wolf I created a performative video work for the event TAMING OF CHANCE, finissage of BEAM ME UP – DIY TELEPORTATION FOR HYBRID TIMES the curation residency of Darsha Hewitt in the program at Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

MOEGLICHKEITEN TOETEN | A Game to Play is a 18 min long video without audio that was shown without my physical presence and next to the installation of 50000 binary dices on the ground which was the work of olsen. After the audience experienced the video, Antek, 1 artistic human I am in constant exchange and synchronisation with, performed my ongoing tele-presence in a sense that visitors were invited to ask questions that they’d like to ask me and Antek did respond what Antek thought I’d answer. The performance went on for several hours. The audience replied YES into the video and later on asked Antek if they would now be allowed to take a dice.