Since Nov19 I was and am concepting, researching and constructing a web environment to enable forschA to impart and practice their research in and to Authren:

(using the tools: hotglue, write.freely and (to be constated/ascertained)

I am defining myself as forschA as well, researching Authren.

Concepting this web environment I was aiming to overcome a possible hierarchy between all participants as content creators – as in: everything that is seen is to be seen as content, including the idea of myself being a content creator while making environmental design decisions.

So most of this environment is editable, there is no need for an admin interface to add or edit content and every user is technically able to participate in editing and adding. I like to be part of this experiment.

(Related to: Aiming to overcome hierarchy between user and admin in the idea of creating a tool like hotglue in the creational sphere of the critical engineering manifesto)

(Second thing to be related as something supporting my envisionings for this work is the ethical design manifesto to be found here)

This work is happening in constant exchange with forschA, interviews, workshops, user-testing and constant use of the environment itself.

Authren is object of research and this work part of an artistic research collaboration including University of Applied Sience Hamburg, Hafencity University and Die Spieleberatung.


ForschA fund Authren: Du sagst: Schön, dass du da bist.