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#iostoconRiace Die völlig rückwärtsgewandten und fehlgeleiteten Regierungen der Welt zerstören immer wieder was mensch und mensch ganz gut miteinander aufbauen und verwalten. Nicht nur im #HambiGehtWeiter auch im italienischen Dorf Riace

das problem ist der #kapitalismus, nicht die #digitalisierung 🙂

Transgender people... are people. Not a political stance, not an ideology, not an agenda... human beings, across a spectrum of beliefs and experiences.

There’s no such thing as “I don’t agree with transgender.” We are a group of people that exist; our existence isn’t a question.

I was peer in a #podcast about #talenet, #securescuttlebutt, thoughts and insights on non-technical barriers in different communication and collaboration environments and some more interesting questions 🙂 pls share feedback:

Странни неща се случват, но едно е сигурно - Rails Girls Sofia 11 идва! #RailsGirls #RGS11

Датите са 16 и 17 ноември, мястото – зала 10 на НДК:

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