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@stephiewunder live o_O

really sad to not participate in #mrmcd19, would love to be there! some insight to share on the topic #games and society: looking at any design object [sic] from a gamers perpective enables you to get into a "doing mindset" the best to overcome consume based #design.

are you thinking of a #platform to visualize local #ressources so artists, kids project etc magically make use of it? it's not only about knowing where to get stuff or whom to ask. logistics (!) and door opening is the key and often a problem in no/low budget structures. #complex

wer tweetet eigentlich bild. de? und was ist da los bei der #DPolGhh?


Sitzblockade wurde aufgelöst, als nĂ€chstes soll das Baumhaus gerĂ€umt werden. An der Georg-Wilhelm-Straße Ecke Honartsdeicher Weg gibt es eine Solikundgebung.

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