Designing Hope at Node17 in Frankfurt

Between collective hopes for a better, peaceful life in the Global Village on the one hand, and feelings of disempowerment in the face of a more complex digitized environment on the other, NODE17: Designing Hope sets out to discuss the responsibility and potential of technology and design practices.

Curated by festivaldirection Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Johanna Teresa Wallenborn and Alexandra Waligorski, I’m part of the Hope Lab and happening live at this years Node Festival ‚Designing Hope‘ 26.06.17 – 02.07.17. Am I an anonymous content manager in the mediation of ideas for a better future?

„Hope. It drives us to cross borders, to risk our lives for an idea.
It inspires us to wager fortunes investing in the next big thing.

But who has the power to design the imaginaries that drive this very human confidence and by which means?“