Kathia von Roth, born in Hamburg, Germany is a travelling artist, activist and social engineer. Since her studies in theatre direction (graduated B.A. in 2013) she has been combining methods of theatrical play and performance with tools and theory of (analogue) game design and software design. In her work she is setting up physical and/or conceptional formats of temporary ‚utopian zones‘ for collaborative creation, from immersive theatre spaces built like alternate reality games to transformative interaction structures in the context of festivals, conferences, collective art work or software interfaces.

By designing playful guiding principles she is bypassing the fear of failing and a subservient uncertainty to act, always forcing the ’spectators‘ to interact with each other within the save environment of a game/art format to grow trust. In this, she is creating realms of experience that cause awareness and a change of behaviour in its participants and can therefore take effect into so called ‚reality‘.

In her work, Kathia von Roth is consulting a possible revolution, deeply believing in a post-competitive future.