There is no game

Communitybuilding multiplayer game for the 33. Chaos Communication Congress (26. – 30.12.2016)  in Hamburg. There is no game is based on collaborative gamemechanics and was created through participatory structures beginning in june 2016. The empowering narrative provokes intersubcultural  skillsharing, communication and organisation between the players and uses an advanced version of the „form bunches“ structure, we researched at Hallo Festspiele 2016.

There is a great article on

The round about 1000 players created an awesome livedocumentation in the eventwiki of 33C3.

As part of the team, Miko Hucko, Sarah Klöfer and me for the Gameparlour and Markus Schubert, creator of the urban gaming software where invited to Chaosradio 232 *Gaming as a medium for activation and revolution* (in german).

The team around there is no game is currently forming a wide network for interdisciplinary co-creation.

There is no game. There is action.

Illustrations by Yeshead.