35. chaos communication congress in Leipzig, De

I will be at 35C3 in Leipzig again, 1 part of Komona:

Some might remember the sentence „if you are Komona you can make it work“. What does it mean, Komona? Komona is the feeling of doing the dishes together – the mindset of being a responsible part of a bigger organism, being a part of the many, in solidarity with the many.The Cluster Komona assembles international activists. With a strong focus on knowledge exchange, workshops and documentation around selfempowerment, autonomous organisation, queerfeminism, decentralization, hacktivism, creative protest, mobilization, care and global antifacist community networks. During 35C3, we’re gathering to learn from and teach each other and to foster trustful and strong connections for upcoming changes.

For four days Komona will be an experimental sphere, inviting all participants to implement and exchange ideas for a collective future, welcoming all creatures at congress to breathe some post-post-apocalyptic spirit and grab some empowering and transformative knowledge.